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I'm Thom Pollard, a filmmaker, adventurer and mountaineer. My journeys have taken me around the globe, from Easter Island to the summit of Mount Everest. In my travels I've come to develop an awareness of the nature of people, what makes them tick and the steps that it takes to achieve happiness, no matter what the circumstances. I believe that positive people make a difference. Have you ever wondered why true happiness exudes from some people while others are steeped in loss and depression? When we begin to live and speak our inner truth it is only natural to walk our path with discernment and passion. Happiness will walk hand in hand. On Baker Street with Thom Pollard we explore the real meaning of existence, how to unlock simple truths that keep most of the seven billion inhabitants of this planet in ignorance. We'll meet special guests and influencers who have made their intentions a reality. I'll also share many of my incredible adventures that I share in my public presentations. Stop in and pull up a chair! Make yourself comfortable. Timely topics and issues include adventure, religion, the environment, music, sports, success stories in business, politics and life.

Recent Episodes

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